The Iota Platform and your personal information

When we say “platform,” we mean that when you choose to share data with us or bring over information from third parties (like a bank or a credit bureau), Iota uses that data together, not just within the individual offering(s) you’re using. The personal information we use in this centralized way may relate to you as an end user of our Services or as a customer or vendor of an Iota customer whose personal information has been included in the Iota Platform.

Organizational account information

Some experiences and services within the Iota Platform allow you to interact with a organization (such as your employer). If you are granted access to an organization account, the owner of the organization or a designated administrator may control and administer details of your account, for example, by deciding your access rights; making decisions about your personal information; or requiring you to take certain actions (for example, complete an assessment). If the owner or designated administrator changes your access rights, then you may lose access to the information the organization controls.

Your use of the Iota Platform as part of an organization account may be subject to the organization’s policies, which may differ from this Privacy Statement. We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of other organizations, and you should consider both the organization’s policies and whether you are comfortable giving the business access to your personal information before connecting to their services.

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