Iota responsibly leverages technology to promote wellbeing throughout the United States. We believe that everyone has a right to privacy. As a wellness and technology company, we’re providing this Global Privacy Statement (“Privacy Statement”) to explain how we, Iota, lc ( “Iota,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), collect, use, share, or otherwise process information that we collect through our services. These services include, as applicable, our websites, platforms, mobile applications, social media pages, marketing activities, and other activities described in this Privacy Statement, or when other businesses provide us your personal information (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Statement is global, meaning it applies to all Iota services. We may provide additional or supplemental privacy statements for certain products or services.

This Privacy Statement describes our privacy practices when we process:

  1. Personal information for the purposes of providing the benefits of our websites and the Iota platform, which includes all of Iota’s services, sites, coaching, experiences, and software, including through our mobile applications and desktop applications (the “Iota Platform”); and

  2. Personal information as necessary to manage, run, improve, and develop our business and personalize your experience while interacting with the Iota Platform. Depending on your settings, this may include recommending certain products from Iota or third-party companies who integrate with our Iota Platform (“Platform Partner”) based on your interests.

Iota determines the purposes and means of the processing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Statement, and therefore acts as a ‘data controller’ (or equivalent/similar terms under applicable data privacy laws) of such information. We may share your personal information within Iota and with Platform Partners and conduct processing activities as controllers or joint controllers for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement.

In certain circumstances, there may be more than one data controller processing your personal information. For example, your employer or a partner may also act as a data controller. In these situations, we act as an independent data controller over our processing activities. This means we determine how your personal information will be processed independently from the other data controllers. The other data controllers have their own obligations under applicable data privacy laws. Iota is not responsible for other data controllers’ processing activities, and you should contact them directly for questions about how they process your personal information and about how to exercise your privacy rights in relation to such processing.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to certain processing activities where we are not the controller. For example, where Iota processes personal information as a processor or service provider on behalf of our customers and partners. When we act as a processor or service provider, the privacy statement of the customer who uses our Services applies, instead of this Privacy Statement, and our processing of such personal information is governed by our agreements with such customers and affiliates. If you have concerns about personal information that we process on behalf of a customer or partner or wish to exercise your privacy rights regarding such personal information, please contact the customer or partner directly.

If you have any questions about how Iota processes your personal information, please see How to contact us below.

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