What Are Cookies A ‘Cookie’ is a small file which is created by a website and stored on your device. Often Cookies contain a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your device but can contain other information. Cookies serve many different purposes, including to help remember your preferences or allow our Services to function. There are different types of Cookies:
  1. Cookies are “persistent”, “permanent” or “session”:
    1. Persistent and permanent Cookies remain on your device even after you have gone offline. These Cookies will remain on your device until you manually delete them or until your browser deletes them based on the duration specified in the Cookie file itself.
    2. Session Cookies are deleted as soon as you close your web browser.
  2. Cookies can also be “first-party” or “third-party”:
    1. First-party Cookies are Cookies that are placed by Iota or a third party on our behalf.
    2. Third-party Cookies are placed by our partners, vendors and other third parties. We do not control the collection or further use of data by third parties using third-party Cookies.
Web beacons (also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs) are small graphic images that are used in connection with the provision of our Services and which typically work in conjunction with Cookies to track the use of an online service by its users. For example, when we send you emails, web beacons allow us to track if you opened the emails and clicked links to measure campaign performance and improve features. Similar technologies are technologies which enable the entity using it to track your user behavior. This can be done by HTML5 Local Storage, pixels, tags, Flash Cookies (also known as “local shared objects” or “LSOs”), and other web application software methods, all of which store information in your browser or device. We may employ Flash Cookies in certain situations where we use Flash to provide some content such as video clips or animation.
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